P2P (Peer-To-Peer) Technology



File Sharing has irreversibly changed the way we trade and distribute content and not acknowledging this fact and using this high potential does not mean stagnation but regression. Learn with us about the opportunities P2P offers both for home and businesses use and stay plugged to a new universe of possibilities.

BRAINS is the home of an entire line of wide-ranging applications designed to meet any media-related needs of the most exigent users. The main focus of our activity as an open source software development company are innovative p2p (peer-to-peer) related programs.

BRAINS offers free services that help people use cool apps and share them with their fellows.

We stick to our goal of developing reliable, sophisticated, yet easy-to-work-with software always providing an improved experience for all our users, savvy or novice. Many of our p2p file sharing programs as well as media applications and p2p accelerators/boosters have become very popular and some could be considered our signature products such as Kooloader (download manager app), uTorrent Ultra Accelerator (p2p accelerator for the most used file sharing client around), Limewire Ultra Accelerator (p2p accelerator for the popular Limewire client), ShareGhost, CyberArtemis (powerful p2p file sharing clients which help you download files shared by other p2p users fast and safely as well as share any type of files with millions of users around the world.

BRAINS is a very consistent partner of peer-to-peer communities and open source software developers. We strongly support freeware!

However, we want to clearly state that we do not condone copyright infringement. BRAINS encourages the users of this site and our applications to respect the intellectual property rights. P2P (Peer-to-Peer) technology revolutionized the way we can share and distribute content, it really marked a milestone in the digital age but while its benefits are undeniable, its uses can be both legitimate and illegitimate. Please note that BRAINS only approves the legitimate ones. When downloading files online, be aware of the fact they may be protected by copyright and you may need the copyright holder’s permission in advance to be able to further share with other P2P users.