Good Managers: The Oxygen for Any Business

‘It’s all about the management’ goes a saying. Indeed, good managers are always indispensabile to any business but while the popularity of ‘flatter’ organizations and self-directed teams is increasing, partially due to personal computers and networks which help people share information quicker and safer, the raw number of managers needed is dropping. Yet, one cannot say good managers who have the abilityl to deal with sensitive management issues and are ‘good with people’ are not in demand. Such individuals manage themselves as well as others with tremendous skill and efficiency.

The team at BRAINS sees management not as a rigid, pre-established set of norms to be applied by a ceratin few but as an accurate way of perceiving yourself and your colleagues within the working environment and the goals to be achieved, a wide-ranging ability that allows you to stay focused but not stressed, to cease opportunities but not blindly chase them, a skill allowing you to best communicate your ideas but also to listen to ideas coming from others. We think if one can organize his or her work, he or she can organize and improve the quality of his or her life. The skills that each of us at BRAINS have had the opportunity to acquire or further develop are assets that transcend the professional area into our personal lives. The confidence gained at work is brought to your social life, the patience and attentiveness in working with others is a plus won in your relationships with friends and family. For us managing a business means managing yourself that’s why this is a key concept in our company, that’s why is important that each of our members understands it, respects it and tries to bring his/her own contribution to it.

But what exactly are the qualities and attributes of a good manager? Let’s follow some characteristics that can turn anyone into a good manager because beyond native ability lies the capacity to train yourself and gain this ability:

On a personal level:

  • Confidence – You are confident, aware of your qualities but always looking to improve and expand them;
  • Sociability and Joviality – it’s hard to be persuading and pleasant to others when you do not appear comfortable around them; management has a lot to do with people……
  • Honesty and Straightforwardness – you ask people to rely on you so you must inspire trust.
  • Communication – the ability to properly communicate with people and express your ideas and motivate them is vital; remeber – you are there to attract people into something you do not to reject them for lacking some attributes.
  • Presence and Image – the attitude is probably the first thing that matters and the first thing others observe at you; Displaying an image of succes is the starting point for a succesful business.The role of a manager is to lead and that is hard to do when you are not even noticeable. Stand out in crowd!

On a professional level:

  • Flexibility – while always reliable you can change your mind following a thorough investigation or new ideas and although the decision making goes mainly to you, views and opinios from others are always accepted and encouraged.
  • Creativity, Inventivity, Spontaneity – convential thinking, fear of failure, all these are not in a manager’s vocabulary and repertory. Those who never fail are those who never try. Luck is not to be bothered with. Don’t be afraid to explore new things and admit being wrong.
  • Setting Objectives, Making Plans – this is something any project, no matter how small (such as redecorating your kitchen) must include.It’s just how it
  • Managing Information – information should always be seen as a helpful tool not as a tool to control others.
  • Competence and Good Decision Making – good leader proves his ability to stay focused even under stressful conditions and make good decisions; this is achieved by never forgetting to take all the different factors into consideration when making a decision.