Our company culture relies first of all on transparency and straightforwardness which rules out the possibility that the published principles differ from those actually implemented.

Part of the BRAINS culture is identifying needs and addressing them with consistence and versatility from all possible angles – creating an ideal environment for employees to work in, evolve and feel good about what they do but also passing this knowledge to others is what we respect and believe in.

We are aware of the fact company cultures are responsive to evolution and changes since every (new) employee participates to such a culture through/with his/her own values and principles. It’s common knowledge you cannot (and shouldn’t) go up against change – this remains valid with regard to a company’s culture especially when it grows from a startup into a more established organization; that’s why we always try to remain mindful of any effect changes, intended or unintended may have on a long term.

We are a horizontal organization

Online Publishing

As the world of communication has evolved, so have we and are uniquely positioned as part of the BRAINS group to develop and deliver new media models. We are specialists in online publications and video based web content and channels.

OEM Solutions

Focus on your customers and solutions rather than your software technology. BRAINS supplies the high-quality platform software and support so that you can concentrate on more important things.

Security Products

BRAINS provides security, storage and systems management solutions to help its customers – from consumers and small businesses to the largest global organizations – secure and manage their information-driven world against more risks at more points, completely and efficiently.


In a current highly competitive business environment your business needs that extra something that can really make a difference. We present you with that extra something in the form of versatile, fast-working applications that ensure the necessary boost to your business process so that it can meet the exigent demands of a growing market

Desktop Tools

BRAINS is specialized in offering powerful, versatile Desktop tools to easily manage your work and become more prolific. Among their key features one can count tractability with reference to upgrades and changes, real user-friendliness and durability against data thefts attempts. These applications include compatibility to multiple platforms and languages.

P2P Technology

File Sharing has irreversibly changed the way we trade and distribute content and not acknowledging this fact and using this high potential does not mean stagnation but regression. Learn with us about the opportunities P2P offers both for home and businesses use and stay plugged to a new universe of possibilities.